Energy Management

Simba’s energy management solutions help telecom companies to manage disproportionately high costs of diesel and of grid energy where available. Our range of products include Integrated Power Management Solutions, Free Cooling Units, and Line Conditioning Units. The systems , which ultimately all deliver operational expense savings, can be monitored, optimized and controlled remotely.

Integrated Power Management Solutions (IPMS)

IPMS are specifically designed to provide integrated features of managing complete DC/AC power infrastructure at telecom sites. These automated solutions help reduce OPEX by 40-70% and are widely deployed across Nigeria and the developing world – being used by the leading telecom companies and tower management companies, to drive down operational expenses.

Free Cooling Unit (FCU)

FCUs reduce the overall costs of running air conditioners inside the shelter. These solutions reduce air conditioner run times by more than 12 hours, leading to direct savings in operational expenses.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR/LCU)

Intelligent phase selection LCUs have helped telecom companies achieve maximum utilization of unregulated mains supply, leading to more efficient usage and corresponding savings in operational expenses.